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Loki Network & Setup Troubleshooting Tips

Always start with a full reboot of your router and phone before attempting to troubleshoot any connection issues.
If you have questions or continue to have trouble please email support at: support@lokiproducts.com
  1. Make sure you're using the included power cable and are near your WiFi within 20 feet and no walls blocking. This will help reduce any power or environmental problems causing your issue while we troubleshoot your WiFi.
  2. You must have a probe plugged in! This prevents the Loki from entering a low power state, which will cause a disconnect.
  3. Change the WiFi channel in your router to either one (1) or eleven (11).
  4. What color is the light ring and what color pattern is it emitting? A purple pulse means you are directly connected to the Loki with your phone. A rainbow pattern means your Loki is waiting to be connected.
  5. Make sure you've allowed notifications for the Loki app in iOS/Android, you must select "Allow" during initial setup. Some say no or select no by mistake this will cause setup to fail.
  6. Your phone must be on the same WiFi network you are trying to connect your Loki too.
  7. Loki only supports 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz standard networks only (MESH Networks have issues). NO Guest networks & NO wireless isolation networks.
  8. Make sure you're not using any advanced features on your router like load balancing between radios, VPNs, Geo/Active Firewalls, Etc.
  9. You must have apple "Airplay Fairness" turned OFF in your router. Most modern routers have this feature and it will cause your Loki to drop connection or not be found during setup.
  10. Make sure you do not have hidden SSID broadcasting enabled in your router. The Loki will not be able to see your network even if you type in the name manually.
  11. An active Internet connection is required.
  12. If it just pulses white and doesn't connect to the Loki app, try killing the app and restarting it. If it still doesn't connect. Power down the Loki and power the Loki back up.
If you have questions or continue to have trouble please email support at: support@lokiproducts.com
The latest firmware version: 2017.1006.1143.4050772;2018.0614.1053.dc86f5c;1.7.1

Power Banks for extended cooks

Since the Loki uses a USB power adapter, its compatible with most USB power banks. Like: https://www.anker.com/products/107/power-banks. These power banks are very cost-effective and can cost as little as a pack of 9V batteries. These power banks are the best option for extended use cooks.
For Loki product support or questions about orders please email support@lokiproducts.com to open a support ticket. We will get back to you as soon as we can.