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Loki Products Introduces World’s Most Advanced Meat Thermometer

Smart WiFi Technology Delivers Freedom from the Grill

KIRKLAND, WA – September 14, 2016 – Cooking just got easier and far more convenient with Loki, The Smart WiFi Meat Thermometer from Loki Products, Inc., a company with strong roots in the consumer electronics industry. Now, cooking meat to perfection doesn’t require hovering to check, and double check, progress. Loki delivers temperature and cooking notifications to a mobile app on any iOS or Android mobile device, at home, at work, or around town. The Loki app predicts cooking time and actively tracks the time remaining to cooking completion.

"There's no other meat thermometer that delivers Loki’s functionality," said James Hammer, CEO of Loki Products, Inc. "The product was born out of my family’s passion for great food and the desire to spend more time with each other during our weekly dinner gatherings, rather than watching the oven, smoker, or grill. We wanted to be able to start our smoker in the morning and monitor the cooking from anywhere. Now Loki enables all of that and more."

Loki features:

  • Mobile notifications
  • A simple and intuitive app interface
  • Multiple alert settings
  • Monitor, track and record capability
  • Dual temperature probes delivering internal and ambient readings
  • Highly accurate temperature data
  • App enabled sharing of cooking profiles, recipes and photos on social media

Loki provides perfect cooking precision, confirming temperatures without opening the smoker, oven or grill. Connect up to four temperature probes to track the progress of four meats at once. The probes are wired to a smart base unit that communicates wirelessly to the Loki app so you’re in the know when you’re on the go. The app is intuitive, not only accepting temperature directives, but also offering suggestions for cook times, temperatures and recipes.

Already generating strong interest among potential retailers, Loki Products is launching a crowdfunding campaign in October, 2016. Further details to be announced. For more information on Loki, visit lokiproducts.com.

About Loki Products

Based in the Seattle area, Loki Products is a family owned and operated company born out of our large traditional Wednesday night gatherings around the dinner table to share a delicious meal. We are a family of engineers, marketers, creatives, and amateur chefs who love food. Our conversations naturally turned to brainstorming an easier, more convenient way to keep an eye on the progress of our favorite slow cooked meats. We wanted to spend more time visiting with each other, instead of babysitting the oven, smoker, or grill. The result is Loki, The Smart WiFi Meat Thermometer.

Loki Products is the newest member of our family’s successful wireless communication and device ventures. All of our designs are developed 100% in-house. We are a fully integrated company who takes "back of the napkin" concepts and develops every step from industrial/mechanical, electronics, software, production, and retail fulfillment to deliver high quality technology solutions for today’s lifestyle.

For more information on Loki Products, visit lokiproducts.com.


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